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Last Call for Leaf Collection

Post Date:03/01/2018 9:26 AM

Chapel Hill’s final collection of loose leaves for this season will begin on Monday, March 5. Place loose leaves/pine straw, free of limbs and debris, at the back of the curb for collection. Keep leaves out of streets, gutters and ditches to prevent flooding and bike and car accidents. Do not block sidewalks, fire hydrants, mailboxes, storm drains or water meters or interfere with sight distances at intersections. View an interactive map of the collection cycle at

Anyone having leaves after leaf collection has ended should put them in a yard debris cart or other rigid container for curbside collection with yard waste. Leaves may also be placed in 30 gallon, 50-pound weight limit brown paper bags. Leaves in plastic bags will not be collected. For information about other disposal options, visit or call 919-969-5100.

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