WINTER WEATHER ALERT. Residential solid waste collected Monday; commercial solid waste collected Saturday. Recycling collected Friday and Saturday by Orange County Solid Waste.  More at

SNOWPLOWWinter Storm Inga Update

Chapel Hill is cleaning up after Winter Storm Inga dumped nearly a foot of snow on the town. High-traffic roads have been cleared, but icy spots remain.

Town facilities are open Friday. Chapel Hill Transit service is operating on a modified schedule. 

Residential solid waste collection will resume normal schedules next week. Commercial solid waste collection will be made up Saturday. Yard waste collection, including leaf collection, is canceled this week. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday curbside recycling routes—collected by Orange County Solid Waste—will be collected Friday and Saturday.

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Tanyard Branch Trail Construction Update

Post Date:11/09/2017 3:43 PM

The extension of Tanyard Branch trail is underway this fall with expected completion in summer of 2018. This construction phase will connect the Northside neighborhood to Umstead Park and will allow off-road pedestrian and bicycle transportation over a large portion of central Chapel Hill.

This four-tenths of a mile trail corridor under construction will require creative solutions to address steep slopes, the proximity to Tanyard Branch, and avoiding as many large trees as possible. Several trees were topped rather than removed, and the trunks have been left as future wildlife habitats.

An elevated concrete boardwalk will be installed to deal with a steep slope and the need to allow for natural drainage. Many retaining walls are being added to allow trail construction at grades acceptable for use by persons with physical disabilities. A portion of Tanyard Branch has also been stabilized, and any remaining section of the old natural surface trail will be closed to allow regrowth of woodland plants.

Trail construction will also include an art component. Carrboro artist Leo Gaev will construct a unique railing system for the concrete boardwalk rather than a typical off-the-shelf rail system.           


Once the new paved trail is completed the Town will look at relocating the natural surface trails within Umstead Park. Several trails will need to be relocated so that they merge into the new paved trail in ways that take advantage of slopes and to avoid areas with retaining walls. Some new natural surface trails may be added. This type of work is usually done by volunteers, such as Eagle Scout candidates.

For more information, contact Bill Webster, planning and development manager for Parks and Recreation, at

For more on greenways in Chapel Hill, visit

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