Community Comes Together for Conversation about Underage Drinking

Post Date:08/23/2017 3:26 PM

News Release from the Campus and Community Coalition

Families in the Chapel Hill-Carborro City Schools received a letter on Friday, Aug. 18, about a campaign encouraging families to talk with their children about substance use. The health education and prevention campaign is a partnership between CHCCS and the Campus & Community Coalition, whose members include the Town of Chapel Hill, the Orange County Health Department, UNC Chapel Hill, and the Orange County ABC Board.

Based on research showing that parents are the number one influence on their children’s decisions about alcohol, the evidence-based campaign provides families with tools, resources and support to have critical conversations about this important topic.

Young people who begin drinking before the age of 15 are six times more likely to develop alcoholism or have problems with alcohol later in life when compared to those who wait until turning 21. Communication is key to prevention, and essential in building and sustaining positive relationships with children. The goal for this campaign is to make alcohol-related harms, along with underage drinking, part of a community conversation, and to help facilitate discussions among families.

Campaign information will come in three waves throughout the fall, and will be distributed and available in a variety of mediums, including online/social media and printed materials. The campaign is also working with the PTA, community organizations, and other partners to share and distribute these resources.



If you would like to cover the campaign as a series, below is the schedule for the fall





Letter from CHCCS Superintendent and Campus & Community Coalition (CCC) funders

Introduce campaign


CCC hosts Talk It Out NC to launch the next phase of their statewide parent education campaign

Talk it Out NC launch, introduce Chapel Hill campaign and CCC

9/14 - 9/26

Why talk with your children about alcohol?

  • Families have an impact on children’s decisions about alcohol
  • Parents deserve to have a say in children’s decisions
  • It’s not if, but when children will have to make decisions about alcohol
  • Alcohol has significant impacts on adolescents’ developing brains


How to talk with your children about alcohol

  • Create opportunities for open and honest conversation
  • Have developmentally appropriate conversations with your children at different ages
  • Kids pay attention to the adults around them—adults can monitor their behavior around alcohol


Mental health, social media, and alcohol use

  • Social media can make it feel like “everyone” is drinking, but in reality, we know that’s not true
  • Some adolescents use alcohol to cope with mental health struggles, but alcohol impedes one’s ability to cope


Scarlett Steinert | Director of Athletics and Healthful Living, CHCCS | 919-967-8211 ext. 28284
Elinor Landess | Director, Campus & Community Coalition | 919-928-5735
Jim Wise | Student Assistance Program Specialist, Chapel Hill High School | 919-929-2106 ext. 41270
Donna King |Director, Health Promotion and Education Services, Orange County Health Dpt. | 919-245-2449
Jim Heugerich | Ombuds, Town of Chapel Hill | 919-538-5483

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