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Post Date:06/15/2017 9:10 AM
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Conversation About Community Safety


Everyone is invited to talk about community safety at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, June 21, at DSI Comedy Theater. Discuss ways that community members can respond safely to conflicted situations in ways that reduce tension. Read more.

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Things to do in Chapel Hill

Feature from the Chapel Hill/Orange County Visitors Bureau

Monday, June 19

2-3 p.m.
Seymour Center, 2551 Homestead Road, Chapel Hill, (919) 968-2070

Orange County Department on Aging invites the public to celebrate “Juneteenth” on Monday, June 19. Juneteenth celebrates the end of slavery in the United States and will be commemorated with a special performance of The Spirit of Harriet Tubman. Diane Faison, as Harriet Tubman, wrote and performs The Spirit of Harriet Tubman to “show” history to students of all ages and to keep the spirit of Harriet Tubman alive. Her riveting performance offers a glimpse into Tubman’s thoughts, struggles, and inspiration as the leader of the Underground Railroad. Performance is FREE.




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Council Meeting Summary

Council meeting summaries are issued from the Communications and Public Affairs Department following most business meetings. To sign up to receive these by email, please send a request to This brief summary is sent immediately following the public meeting. It should not be viewed as official minutes.

Would you like to view the Council video? ( - this should be ready for online viewing by Tuesday afternoon). 

Access the complete agenda at or by contacting Communications and Public Affairs at 919-968-2743 or

Resolution of Support: Paris Agreement
The Council adopted a resolution of support of the Paris Agreement.

Summer 2017 Street Resurfacing
The Council awarded a bid for street patching, milling and resurfacing on Town-maintained streets to Barnhill Contracting. The proposed resurfacing locations can be viewed at

Fiscal Year 2017-2018 Budget
The Council adopted the budget for Fiscal Year 2017-2018 with no tax increase. For more details on the adopted budget, click here or scroll down.

Fee Waiver: Limited Special Use Permit for Proposed Chapel Hill Cooperative Preschool
The Council authorized the Town Manager to waive the application fees for a Special Use Permit Application for the Chapel Hill Cooperative Preschool to increase its parking area.

2017-2022 Orange County Master Aging Plan
The Council received the 2017 Orange County Master Aging Plan (MAP) report. The MAP is the strategic plan for the Orange County Department on Aging and is based on the AARP Framework for an Age-Friendly Community.

Progress Report on the Chapel Hill Station Area Planning Project for the Durham-Orange Light Rail Transit Initiative
The Council received a presentation on the Station Area Planning Project for the Durham-Orange Light Rail Transit (DOLRT) Initiative. The Council approved a resolution providing policy direction for the project. The Council also provided feedback to GoTriangle staff and their consultants about important considerations and desired outcomes for the creation of appropriate station area plans and development standards.

2017-18 Town Budget – No Tax Increase

Planning for the Future: Budget Funds Affordable Housing, Human Service Agencies and Strategic Initiatives

The Council adopted the Town Budget for Fiscal Year 2017-2018 on Monday, June 12. For the fourth consecutive year, the budget mandates no tax increase, thanks to prudent financial planning and expected growth in sales tax revenues.

The Town is adopting a revenue neutral tax rate. While this will generate the same revenue for the Town, as collected in the prior year, individual taxpayers may see significant changes to their tax bill based on their new assessed valuation.  

The Town’s proposed $107.3 million budget for all funds represents a net increase of 1.5 percent to maintain existing service levels and address Council goals and priorities.  It also includes a 2 percent funding increase to human service agencies, for a total of $419,500. These funds focus on agencies with strategies that add to the diversity of jobs, choices and housing to create spaces in Chapel Hill for everyone.

The adopted budget includes no changes in core services, which are highly valued as reflected in the biennial community survey. The proposal also includes resources to advance the Councils strategic priorities and accomplish adopted Goals.

In the budget highlights presented to Council, Town Manager  Roger Stancil said: “While we continue to experience positive growth in economy driven revenues, our property tax base, which is our largest revenue source, has not kept pace with our costs of providing services over the last eight years. Moreover, the Town now faces legislative threats on both the state and federal level. The state Legislature is considering actions, such as changing the distribution method of sales taxes that will reduce the Town’s revenues without providing options to make up the loss.” 

What to Expect in Tax Bills
The Orange County County-wide revaluation of real property will go into effect for fiscal 2018 tax year.  While individual taxpayers will see their tax bill change depending on the change in the valuation of their property, the Town is adopting a revenue neutral tax rate that is designed to generate the same revenue as the previous year.  In other words, for the average tax-payer Town taxes will stay about the same.  However, most taxpayers are not average and will see some change in their bill based on change in the assessed value of their property.  The recommended revenue neutral tax rate is 50.8 cents per $100 of assessed valuation, reduced from 52.4 cents in the current year. The following table illustrates the calculation of Town taxes using the revenue neutral tax rate for a hypothetical average taxpayer.


The total amount Chapel Hill residents pay in property taxes also depends on the actions of the Board of Orange County Commissioners, which set the county tax rate, and the special schools tax for Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools. The property tax bill that Chapel Hill residents pay is divided among Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools (54 percent), the Town of Chapel Hill (33 percent), and Orange County (13 percent). Residents who live in the Durham County portion of Chapel Hill see slightly different tax bills due to the actions of the Durham County Commissioners.
Commitment to Affordable Housing
The adopted budget continues the Town Council’s commitment to affordable housing programs with an amount equal to one cent on the tax rate or $688,395. In total, the Town spends about $5.2 million annually on affordable housing programs including management of 336 dwelling units in 13 public housing neighborhoods.

The Housing Fund Budget reflects a 5.6 percent decrease in capital expenditures and an expected 12.4 percent decrease in subsidies from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The President’s preliminary budget proposes elimination of the Community Development Block Grant and HOME Program and a reduction in funds allocated for public housing maintenance and operations.

Stormwater Fees
A $6 increase in the annual stormwater fee is included in the final budget. The increase will be used to fund operating costs and to pay for debt service on stormwater general obligation bonds that will be issued to fund priority infrastructure improvement projects including those identified in the Lower Booker Creek Subwatershed Study.

Planning for the Future
The Town Budget includes a number of initiatives to plan for the community’s future, including a rewrite of the Land Use Management Ordinance, beginning implementation of the West Rosemary Street Development Guide, developing the Mobility and Connectivity Plan, and considering the Ephesus-Fordham District Design Guidelines. Council committees are also reviewing the Town’s properties to make recommendations to the Council for future use of the Historic Town Hall, the American Legion Property, and a number of other Town properties and assets.

For Employees
The Town believes that the excellent service that residents and visitors receive is dependent on attracting and retaining excellent employees. Town Manager Stancil recommended, and the Council approved, a 2.5 percent salary adjustment. The adjustment will be based on the market rate (mid-point) within each pay grade so that employees currently making less than market will receive slightly larger percentage increases than those currently making more than the market. Additional pay adjustments in the budget will meet the Orange County Living Wage standards for 2018 and also will implement the findings of a market survey for compensation primarily affecting Public Works and Transit employees. Anticipated is a 12 percent increase in the cost of employee medical insurance. The Town will continue its focus on improving employee health via the Wellness @ Work program, a partnership with the UNC Health Care Department of Family Medicine.

Budget Reflects Our Shared Vision
“The budget is the tool we use to allocate resources that move us toward a future based on our shared vision,” Town Manager Stancil said. “But, moreover, the budget is about choices. Choices dictated by factors both within and outside of our control. Our ability to understand, manage and anticipate these factors is greatly enhanced by our ability to build trust and respect through open communication and the participation of the public in our planning, goal setting and decision making processes.”

More Information
The Council sets its strategic priorities throughout the year, and especially in regular work session discussion and at the annual retreat in January. A complete list of budget-related materials and meetings are provided at





Town Manager Selects Town Employees for Highest Honor

Town Manager Roger Stancil has selected Joseph McMiller, Assistant Operations Manager at Chapel Hill Transit, and Heather Robinson, Master Firefighter, as the 2017 W. Calvin Horton Service Award winners.

The awards were announced today (Friday, June 9) at an employee awards ceremony as part of the Town’s Employee Appreciation Day held at the UNC-Chapel Hill Friday Center.  The award is one of the highest honors the Town of Chapel Hill bestows upon an employee, who receives an inscribed glass plaque and $1,000 cash award. This year was unusual in that two employees were selected for the honor.

Town Manager Stancil spoke about the Town of Chapel Hill workforce as a “Team of Winners” recognized for providing excellent services by the Town Council and Chapel Hill residents, who rank services highly in the Community Survey. “Our employees receive frequent praise for their professional and friendly service,” Stancil said. “It is employees like these honorees that make the Town of Chapel Hill a great place to work and contributes to an excellent team.”

Former Town Manager Cal Horton stated in a letter to the honorees: “You have served the citizens of Chapel Hill with distinction. Your example is a model that inspires other Town employees to undertake similar good work and good deeds.”

Joseph McMiller, as told by his peers
Joseph McMiller provides exceptional service to his department by demonstrating outstanding leadership. He has represented not only his department on several outside tasks, but also many Town-oriented tasks. He has shown the ability to motivate his team members and truly defines the Town Values.

He has served, or is serving on various committees throughout the Town of Chapel Hill: The Employee Forum, Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Committee, Compensation Task Force, and Chapel Hill Transit's Employee Forum. He started the Stuff the Bus event in which Chapel Hill Transit buses collect items and gently used clothing for donation to the local IFC. He also organized a Hurricane Matthew Relief Drive (with the help of other transit agencies) to provide relief to the victims in the eastern region of North Carolina. They took a loaded 40-foot bus to the United Way in the Tar River region.

Heather Robinson, as told by her peers
Heather Robinson’s contributions span from her core team (Crew). She is an instrumental team member willing to do whatever it takes to further their goals. This occurs daily, which translates to better work across her shifts.

Robinson was an initial founding member for the Wellness at Work program. She continues to be a member of that committee to progress its goals for the Town. She is respected by her colleagues. If a need arises, she looks to see what she can do for the Town, department, for the fire service. It is never about her as an individual.

She was an integral employee of our "SciWhy" fire science program that was conducted several times to demonstrate the STEM connections within the fire service. She volunteered time in organizing, staffing, reserving rooms, acquiring materials and developing the curriculum.

About the Award

 The W. Calvin Horton Service Award was initiated in 2007 when funds were raised by the community through the Foundation for a Sustainable Community Inc., a not-for-profit charitable corporation under the auspices of the Chapel Hill–Carrboro Chamber of Commerce. The community raised the funds to honor the 16 years of service of former Town Manager Cal Horton. It was Horton’s request that the funds raised be used to award Town employees for distinguished service, of at least 10 years. The fund supports the cash stipend associated with the award.

Past award recipients are John French (2016), Amy Harvey (2015), Coco Hall (2014, posthumous winner), Colleen Lanigan (2012), Nate Davis (2011), Maggie Burnett (2010), Jim Huegerich (2009) and Larry Stroud (2008). 





Groundbreaking Ceremony for Historic Rogers Road Sewer System

A groundbreaking ceremony for a new sanitary sewer system to serve the Historic Rogers Road area and some additional properties will take place at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, June 20, at the RENA Community Center, 101 Edgar St., Chapel Hill.

A collaborative effort among Orange County and the towns of Chapel Hill and Carrboro has worked to extend sewer service and establish a community center in the Historic Rogers Road–Eubanks Road Community. Progress toward these goals was made in November 2014 when the new Rogers Road Community Center opened. Today, the community will celebrate the construction of the sewer system, which will begin in July and may last up to 10 or 12 months.

The Rogers-Eubanks Neighborhood Association, in collaboration with Orange County, the Towns of Chapel Hill and Carrboro, and OWASA will host the ceremony. Join us for light refreshments immediately following the event.

If you have any questions or comments before the groundbreaking ceremony, please feel free to contact Vishnu Gangadharan, OWASA, at (919) 537-4248 or Information is available at: or by going to (search for “Rogers Road”).





Volunteers Welcome at Community Garden

At the Town of Chapel Hill’s South Estes public housing community, plans are underway to plant a community garden.

Volunteers are welcome to get involved in the effort to bring beauty to the neighborhood, provide healthy produce and bring people together.

Eva Bailey, a resident in the South Estes community, has been the project manager for the program for two years. Her vision is that the garden will bring the following benefits:

  • Beautify the neighborhood and generates more community pride and involvement.
  • Help people learn how to work together in a positive way.
  • Provide access to healthy food in an urban area.'
  • Connect participants of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to each other, nature and the earth.

Volunteers are always needed! Please contact Town of Chapel Hill Public Housing Administrative Offices at 317 Caldwell Street or call 919-968-2850.




Town-Sponsored Events




A Place for Everyone to Share

All are invited to come together for a conversation about community safety at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, June 21, 2017, at DSI Comedy Theater, 462 W. Franklin St.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by recent acts of violence nationally and internationally,” said Chapel Hill Police Chief and Executive Director of Community Safety Chris Blue. “These acts remind us how we all need to remain diligent in these uncertain times in our efforts to keep our community safe.”

This event will allow a safe place for everyone to gather and share their thoughts about community safety and how we as a whole can work on #BuildingCommunityResilience. We will discuss ways that community members can respond safely to conflicted situations in ways that reduce tension. More details about the event will be announced soon.

Community safety relies on teamwork between Town staff and community members. By encouraging open communication and collaboration, we work together to ensure that our community is a place for everyone. Chapel Hill values being a community of acceptance and inclusion. When conflicts or harassment occurs, residents should feel empowered to act quickly and to inform authorities.

If you ever see something suspicious or feel uncomfortable about a situation, no matter how big or small the situation seems, do not hesitate to tell a police officer in the area or call 9-1-1.

For more information about this community event, contact Ran Northam at or 919-969-4878.




Chapel Hill’s Star Studded Summer Movie Series

Let the stars be your guide all summer long!  The Town of Chapel Hill and Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership are excited to announce the FREE Movies Under the Stars summer series held outdoors on top of the Wallace Parking Deck at 150 E. Rosemary Street. Movies Under the Stars shown in a unique, outdoor location where you can enjoy the night sky. Movie-goers of all ages will enjoy free popcorn and fun activities.

Next up on June 15 at the Wallace Parking Deck will be The Mighty Ducks. 

The sports-themed series continues through Aug. 17 beginning around 8:30 p.m. on different Thursday evenings each month. Held at The Wallace Deck, the movies and dates will be 6/15 – Mighty Ducks, 6/29 – Karate Kid, 7/13 – Kicking & Screaming, 7/27 – CARS, 8/10 – Space Jam, and 8/17 – Remember the Titans. Each event is free!

We hope you to see you out at the movies!

For more information, please visit

The Town of Chapel Hill promotes a Bike & Pedestrian-Friendly Community and encourages everyone tocycle or walk to these great events! We also ask that you please bring your own lawn chairs and blankets for seating. There is ample bike parking on the Wallace Plaza. For all downtown parking options visit


For questions contact Amanda Fletcher with the Town of Chapel Hill at (919) 968-2878 or Meg McGurk with the Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership at (919) 967-9440 or .





Fourth of July Celebration at Kenan Stadium

Join us once again as a spectacular display of fireworks echoes throughout Kenan Stadium this Independence day! Travel & Leisure Magazine ranked Chapel Hill no. 10 as one of America’s Best Towns for July Fourth Celebrations. This is one celebration you won’t want to miss! Fireworks start at 9:30 p.m. sharp, so get there early for the best seats!

Gates open at 7 p.m. with family fun activities planned throughout the evening!

Come early to see our stilt walkers and visit our face painting areas, with a new digital photo booth and spin art stations too! Our famous DSI Watermelon Eating Contest will be in full swing once again, hosted by comedians from DSI Comedy Theater. Grand prize winners will receive tickets to one of UNC’s upcoming footballs games this fall.

WCHL’s Ron Stutts will host the Main Stage with a state of the art sound and light show, where RadioJacks will be rocking the stadium with the latest radio hits by Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Maroon 5, Rihanna, and Justin Timberlake.

Chapel Hill residents rank the Fourth of July Fireworks celebration as the most important local event offered by the Town of Chapel Hill, according to the Community Survey. Each year the event costs more than $40,000 to produce. To help continue this special community event, donations of $1 per person or $5 per family are encouraged and will be collected at the entrance gates.

Another way this event becomes top ten, is through community pride and support by local community leaders who contribute as sponsors each year. Fireworks presented by Cruisers Convenience Marketplace, Performance Subaru, Grace Church and UNC Health Care. The Watermelon Eating Contest hosted by DSI Comedy Theater. Thank you also to our Official Media Partners WCHL and and The News and Observer and our Concourse and Supporting sponsors Passanantes Home Foods and VIP Supporters Chopt, Panera Bread and Berkshire-Chapel Hill.

Recommended parking for event patrons is in the Craige, Jackson and Cardinal parking decks off of Manning Drive. Rams Head Deck and the Bell Tower lots are open to public and disability parking. Handicapped seating access is available in section 119 of the stadium.

The Town of Chapel Hill promotes a Bike & Pedestrian-Friendly Community and encourages everyone to cycle or walk whenever attending these great events!

Seating is limited, please arrive early. No outside food and drink is permitted.

For more details about the July 4th event, visit









#MeetDowntown and Enjoy Free Saturday On-Street Parking in July

On-street metered parking will be FREE on Saturdays in downtown Chapel Hill during the month of July. The dates are July 1, 8, 15, 22, and 29.

How will you know?
About 200 spaces will be available; the meters will be bagged! These are all highly visible and desirable downtown parking spaces with convenient access for residents and visitors to shop, dine and enjoy the #SummerInChapelHill.

The three-hour limit for metered parking will be in effect and will be monitored. Parking at Town decks and surface parking lots is not included in the freebie offering. And remember…public parking is always free on Sundays!

Download the Park Mobile app (available at, and you can pay for downtown parking directly on your smartphone.  For all downtown parking information visit

To make the downtown experience more enjoyable and accessible, the Town of Chapel Hill and the Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership have worked together to design and implement parking promotions including this program for July. For questions please contact the Parking Services Department at 919-968-2760.

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Do you walk, bike, run and wheel around Chapel Hill? The Town of Chapel Hill is busy with projects to improve your travel safety and convenience – including sidewalks, streets, trails and greenways, traffic calming and more. For more information, visit And, for a weekly digest of all Town news, sign up for Chapel Hill eNews at or by sending a request to

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Night Work: Estes Drive near East Franklin Street

PSNC Energy will close the right turn lane of westbound Estes Drive at the intersection with East Franklin Street (in front of Walgreens) to relocate a pipeline. The closure will take place from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. beginning Friday, June 9. The work is scheduled to last until Friday, June 23, weather permitting.

Right turns onto Franklin Street will be allowed during the work. Please use proper signals and caution when traveling through the intersection. Walgreens will only be accessible from the Franklin Street entrance during the night work.


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Do you walk, bike, run and wheel around Chapel Hill? The Town of Chapel Hill is busy with projects to improve your travel safety and convenience – including sidewalks, streets, trails and greenways, traffic calming and more. For more information, visit And, for a weekly digest of all Town news, sign up for Chapel Hill eNews at or by sending a request to

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Chapel Hill Police Speed-Enforcement Initiatives

Travel with care and pay attention when driving, walking and biking.

As part of our ongoing effort to create and preserve a safe community in which to travel, the Chapel Hill Police Department and area partners will continue speed enforcement and Watch For Me N.C. initiatives throughout the month of June.

Officers may issue information, warnings or citations for anyone for violating laws. Fines and court costs for these violations begin at $213.

Multiple officers will monitor the following areas (in addition to normal Chapel Hill Police patrol practices) to encourage and enforce safe behavior from everyone:

  • 9-11 a.m. Tuesday, June 20, Raleigh Road near Greenwood Road
  • 3-4 p.m. Friday, June 23, West Rosemary Street crosswalks
  • 1-3 p.m. Tuesday, June 27, US 15-501 and Kings Mill Road

Watch For Me N.C. is a statewide safety initiative designed to improve relationships on roads between people who drive, people who walk, people who roll and people who bike. People may receive helpful information, warnings, and in some cases, tickets for violations during these initiatives.

Getting Around
Chapel Hill is working to make the community safer for people who travel. Help us become a safer place to walk, bike, roll and drive. For more information, visit:

More Information
Looking for more Traffic News? Visit Did you know that traffic advisories may be sent directly to your email? Visit to sign up and check the box "Traffic Advisories." For assistance, contact us at

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Street Paving

Streets scheduled to be resurfaced in 2017

The Town of Chapel Hill’s annual resurfacing program will begin in July 2017. The purpose of this project is to preserve and enhance the physical and operating conditions of the Town’s roadway system.

The proposed work will include utility adjustments and may include patching, grinding of the asphalt, pedestrian curb cut improvements and replacement of badly deteriorated curb and gutter prior to resurfacing.

During construction we will work to minimize inconveniences, though some parking and access to driveways may be temporarily blocked and motorists should anticipate some minor delays during the work week. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience and cooperation during the period of improvement.

The project is expected to be completed by October 20, 2017. Equipment failures or weather conditions could extend the time. For more information, contact Greg Ling at 919-969-5165.

Below are streets scheduled for resurfacing.





Meadowmont Lane

Highway 54

Sprunt Street

Barbee Chapel Road

Highway 54

Highway 54

Curtis Road

Clayton Road

S. Lakeshore Drive

Rosemary Street

Henderson Street

Hillsborough Street

Henderson Street

Cobb Terrace

Franklin Street


Below are streets scheduled for reconstruction. Street reconstruction involves removal of the existing asphalt surface and sub-base of the road and rebuilding the road from the bottom up.




Friday Center Drive**

Hwy 54



**Friday Center Drive reconstruction is tentatively scheduled to begin in July 2017.


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